Print your tickets as PDF's

Hi there,

Here are some instructions on how to print your tickets as a pdf. Please note you will need to perform this from a computer with "print as pdf" settings.

We do not send pdf versions of tickets as attachments for security reasons.

IMPORTANT - Do not screenshot the web page. This will be seen as not a genuine copy of the ticket by the likes of Ticket Swap or other reseller platforms.

Many thanks,


Many thanks,

To access, display on a mobile or print your tickets at any time please:

- Go to

- Select the SIGN IN button top right

- Sign into your account.

- Select your MY TICKETS area via the drop down top left next to your signed in email.

- Select the view & print button for the required purchased ticket.

- Select the red PRINT button top left of the screen or if accessing on a mobile display on entry for scanning.

You can also go to your PROFILE area in the drop down and update the email you would like further Ticket Tannoy correspondence sent to.

PLEASE NOTE: to print your tickets you will need a standard pdf reader on your computer

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